NICE DAY is an event design, planning and production company based in New Orleans. We are a small team of dreamin’, schemin’, number crunchin’, puzzle solvin’, yay-sayin’ day-makers. We invest our time strategizing and designing so your vision comes through loud and clear.



founder, creative director

youtube videos of Rihanna, sleepy murder mysteries, meals that take all day to cook; never met a stranger, regular ring leader, “Most Talkative” (never shuts up)



co founder, chief yay sayer

romance novels, country music, “Most Out of Uniform”, always says “let’s make it bigger”, more comfortable behind the scenes, rich in elbow grease



event producer, operations manager

bass player, master wrangler, tour mom, designated driver, New Jersey native; loves Gilmore Girls, Marlboro Reds & hot gossip