Meet the Daymakers

Nice Day is a boutique experiential design and planning company collaborating with brands big and small to create truly engaging, memorable experiences. We are a dedicated team of dreamin’, schemin’, number crunchin’, puzzle solvin’, yay-sayin’ day-makers. We stay ahead of design trends and push the envelope every single time to create incredible experiences that leave lasting impressions.

Hily Trowbridge

Katie Moody in her glasses and a cute green monochromatic set in front of a pink and green backdrop

founder, creative director

sleepy murder mysteries, meals that take all day to cook, never met a stranger, regular ring leader, “Most Talkative” (never shuts up)

Hily Trowbridge in a vintage red dress against a green and pink backdrop that's bold and fun

Katie Moody

co-founder, chief yay sayer

trashy novels, country music, “Most Out of Uniform”, always says “let’s make it bigger”, more comfortable behind the scenes, rich in elbow grease

Two fashionably dressed woman at a party table topping their ice cream sundaes and celebrating that they've successfully planned and executed another fabulous event

If you’re

looking for:

· genuine enthusiasm

· high standards

· hands-on approach

· creative problem-solving

· impactful designs